Donkey does stupid things
 The animals did not listen to the wise remarks of the cat.

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Wofa Yaw Ampomah Nketia
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Donkey does stupid things (Twi)

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  When the Donkey was happy he did stupid things. Especially when he finished eating he broke a lot of things. A smart cat looked at donkey and told him to be carefull. Donkey did not listen. Cat told the animals about the behaviour of the donkey but they did not listen. The farmers son heard the story and looked at the donkey. He went away on a horse to get a medicine man. But on the way back he got injured and died. The farmer decided to make a nice funeral with a lot of fresh meat. He choose a lot of animals. On the way to the slaughter the animals met the cat. They regretted that the had not listened to the wise sayings of the cat.

Duur: 5'03
Trefwoorden: dier; gehoorzaam; raadgeving; begrafenis; boerin; kat; ezel
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